Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights

Each patient has the right to care consistent with sound medical practices, to be informed of the name of the physician responsible for coordinating his or her care, to receive information concerning his or her condition and proposed treatment, to refuse any treatment to the extent permitted by law, and to privacy and confidentiality of records except as otherwise provided by law.

The right of each patient, regardless of source of payment, to examine and receive a reasonable explanation of his total bill for services rendered by his physician or health care provider. The right of each patient to privacy and confidentiality in health care. This right may be waived in writing by the patient or the patient's guardian.

Any patient who is the subject of a research program or an experimental procedure, shall have, at a minimum, the right to receive an explanation of the nature and possible consequences of such research or experiment before the research or experiment is conducted, and to consent to or reject it.

Each patient has the right to review GCNS’ Privacy Policy, as determined by the Health Insurance and Portability Accounting Act (HIPAA). A copy of the notice can be found here: (link to HIPAA document)

Patient Responsibilities

After Hours Services

At Gastroenterology Consultants of the North Shore, we are committed to providing you the highest quality health care. We are available during regular office hours to see outpatient consultations, at the GI Labs for routine procedures, in the hospital for inpatient care, and for emergencies 24 hours a day.

Our practice rotates coverage on weekends and when doctors are away for medical conferences or vacation. Although you may not reach your specific physician after hours, you will receive the highest level of attention possible. You will reach the doctor on call by dialing the usual office number. The calls are forwarded to the answering service.

We ask that you do NOT call after hours or on weekends for routine refills, routine questions, or to change appointments. Although we are available, we ask that you limit calls to serious issues or emergencies. Please be respectful of your doctor’s time. Fees may apply for after hour phone calls.

Providing Accurate Information

A patient has the responsibility to provide, to the best of their knowledge, accurate and complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalization, medications, and other matters relating to their health. They have the responsibility to report unexpected changes in their conditions to the responsible practitioner. A patient is responsible for making it known whether they clearly comprehend a contemplated course of action and what is expected of them.

Following Instructions

A patient is responsible for following the treatment plan recommended by the practitioner primarily responsible for their care under the most realistic expectations. This may include following the instructions of nurses and allied health personnel as they carry out the coordinated plan of care as outlined by Gastroenterology Consultants of the North Shore and your primary physician. The patient is responsible for keeping appointments and, when they are unable to do so for any reason, for notifying the responsible practitioner’s office in a timely manner. Fees may apply for cancellations.

Preparing for Your Visit

Please bring a list of all of your medications with you. If you are having a procedure, please dress comfortably and remember to bring someone to drive you home. This person must be available by the time you are discharged. Do not arrive to the GI Lab expecting to make arrangements at the last minute. If there is not a concrete plan for your return home, your procedure will be cancelled.

Refusal of Treatment

The patient is responsible for their actions if they refuse treatment or do not follow the practitioner's instructions.

Financial Responsibilities

The patient is responsible for assuring that the financial obligations of their health care are fulfilled as promptly as possible. All professional services rendered are charged to the patient. Necessary forms will be completed to help expedite insurance payments. However, the patient is ultimately responsible for all fees, regardless of insurance coverage. For patients without insurance, it is necessary to make arrangements in advance with our account representative.

The patient authorizes and requests the insurance company to pay directly to GCNS insurance benefits otherwise payable to them.

Communicating With Your Physician and Insurance Companies

The patient authorizes the release of any information including the diagnosis and the records of any treatment or examination rendered to them during the period of such care to third party payors and/or other health care practitioners.